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Are you ready to fork the world ?

It’s here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for to FORK THE WORLD 🍴

Okay, okay we know you’ve been forking this whole time and we are just now catching up with you. Well we are here now and ready to crush some memes, commit some code, and make realize those Web3 dreams !

Starting Today 🗓 (Tuesday July 20th) Register for the event Like NOW!

Looking for Party/ Forming a Team 🥳

Hacking for Fun & Profit 🏰

🍴🌍 Prizes

  • Other than bounty-specific, we have these prizes - making up a total of ~$15k

    • Most useful long term $500

    • Most innovative hack $500

    • Most creative hack $500

    • Best New DAO $500

    • DAO Interoperability Hack $500

    • Best MyMeta extension $500

    • Biggest vulnerability discovered $500

    • Surprise Prize $500

    • Secret Prize $500

Talks and Workshops 🗣

July 20th 7pm CET/ 10am PST - Fork The World Kick-off Call !

Opening Fork The World, we have everything it makes sense to have for introducing a DAO hackathon :)

  • Fork The World Opening - The DAO, WTF is FTW, etc. by peth of MetaGame

  • What is a DAO & why it’s awesome by burrrata of Aragon

  • Hackers Meet & Greet An hour later:

  • What kind of DAOs are there? by Mason of Messari (20min)

  • Q&A/Hackers Chat (10min)

  • The real world, off-chain DAOs by Magenta of Bloom Network (20min)

  • Q&A/Hackers Chat (10min)

  • Rebuilding nations with DAOs by Luuk of CuraDAO (20min)

  • Q&A/Hackers Chat (??min)

July 21st 8pm CET/ 11am PST - Enter the DAO

Overview of each DAO framework followed by a panel discussing differences:

  • Aragon by Enrique of Aragon

  • Colony by Auryn of Colony

  • DAOstack by Eric of DAOstack

  • DAOHaus by Ross of OpenLaw

Followed by DAO workshops going in parallel at 9pm CET/ 12am PST:

  • Working with the Moloch & Moloch Minion by Ross & Dekan of Raid Guild

  • Working with Aragon Connect by Gabi of Aragon 9:30pm CET/ 12:30am PST:

  • Conditional Token Framework by Alan of Gnosis

July 22nd - Bounties, Product & DAO Design Day

On day 3 we'll show you some more awesome tools for running DAOs, some more awesome DAOs & their battleplans & we'll help you design a product or a DAO.

  • - What is it and how to use it by James of Abridged

  • _Prtcl & Intercreativity - What is it and how to use it by Pepo of _Prtcl

  • Hackers Chat - Come meet other hackers and hear their plans.
    An hour later:

  • MetaFactory - What is it and what does it need?

  • Raid Guild x MetaGame - What dungeons are we hitting & raid party invite.

  • DAOHaus Bauhaus - What is DAOHaus and what are the bounties?
    3 hours later:

  • Product Design Hypersprint by Andrej of DeepWork

  • DAO Design Workshop by Felipe Duarte

July 23rd - Moar Workshops

July 24th-30th

  • Random workshops & hacker check-ins at 5pm CET / 8am PST.

  • Check voice channels on Discord for activity.

  • Ping @petheth, @yalor or @burrrata for help.

July 31st

  • Legalities around DAOs with Ross of LexDAO.

  • Bootstrapping Token Economies

  • Intro to cadCAD modeling with Griff of Commons Stack

  • Engineering a token system - Roles, Policies and Incentives with Angela of TokenEngineering

August 1st

  • Building Diverse Ecosystems by Mahoney of MetaGammaDelta

August 2nd

  • Final hack submissions day 😱

August 3rd

  • The Judgement Day.

Our Panel of Amazing Judges 🌟

Our Super Community Sponsors 💖

We can’t wait to see what you start hacking on for this momentous event.

See you in the Server 🤖 👇🏼

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