Ready, Set, Hack 🚦

Find out how you can start Hacking For Freedom.

It’s official 🌎 Hack For Freedom 🌏 the first event of DAO Hack Month has begun!

Don’t just talk about freedom, Join us in the fight for freedom. By hacking on something you believe in you’ll find ally’s to aid you in your mission, friends to help you stay the course, and courage to overcome the forces stacked against you!

Start your own Squad or join one of the 6 Squads below already hacking away on Discord: Author_Nym_Squad , Facebook_Connect, WordPress_Connect, NFT_Request, Ltl_Maps, DAO_Governed_Wiki 🛠

Also PRIZES 🎉 there are some killer prizes lined up for you, keep in mind any team working on bounties is also applicable for grand prizes as long as the submission is received by the deadline of July 27th / 12:00am Midnight UTC. Here is a taste of the bounties that will be available for you to snatch up over the next 2 weeks, with even more bounties still to come !

Many Builder Bounties👇🏼

Social DAO 🗣🙋🏻‍♀️ = 1000 ANT

  • & Runner up = 500 ANT

Easy DAO Onboarding 🛠👼🏽= 1000 ANT

  • & Runner up = 500 ANT

Curated NFT gallery DAO 🎨👨🏼‍🎨 = 1000 ANT

  • & Runner up = 500 ANT

Curated media publication DAO 📝🕵🏾‍♀️= 1000 ANT

  • & Runner up = 500 ANT

Aragon Court Governance Dashboard 📜👩‍⚖️ = 1000 ANT

& Runner up = 500 ANT

The Following Bounties, Brought To You By The Graph, Wyre and Circle.

The Graph: Reputation Building App 📊🛡 = 1000 DAI

The Graph: Best Team Management User Interface 👯‍♀️🎳 = 1000 DAI

DeFi dApp or DAO Using Wyre Widget 🔭💱 = 1000 DAI

The winners of the builder bounties will be selected by the Aragon Connect Team or Sponsors depending on the criteria on or before July 23rd, bounties may remain open if a suitable submission is not received.

Top 5 Overall Finalists 👇🏼

🏆Finalist #1: The Screaming Eagle Prize = 2000 ANT 🤑

🏆Finalist #2: The Almighty Quetzalcoatl Prize = 2000 ANT 🤑

🏆Finalist #3: The Omnipotent Osprey Prize = 2000 ANT 🤑

🏆Finalist #4: The Contemplative Kiwi Prize = 2000 ANT 🤑

🏆Finalist #5: The Noble Kingfisher Prize = 2000 ANT 🤑

Judging will take place after all submission are received and winners will be announced publicly shortly after the close of the event, to be eligible you must have your own channel in the DAO Hack Month Discord server where you will find all the details for submitting your hack entry.

3 Special Categories 👇🏼

🥇Most Creative DAO = 1500 ANT

  • & Runner up = 500 ANT 💰

🥇Best User Experience = 1500 ANT

  • & Runner up = 500 ANT 💰

🥇Most Impactful: Social Cause = 1500 ANT

  • & Runner up = 500 ANT 💰

The winners of the special category bounties will be selected by the panel of judges on or before July 29th, announcements will be make in Discord and posted publicly in the #General channel.

Workshops / Events 👇🏼

Sign up for one or all of the events that will be happening over the next 2 weeks by joining the Aragon Event Calendar 📆

🔁Aragon Connect workshops weekly Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The special category winners will be selected by the panel of judges after the close of the event, and winner announcements will be made in DAO Hack Month Discord.

Finally here are some more ideas for things to hack on collected from the Aragon community.

UBI communities

- Easy interface where you can see the total stable coin balance of the piggybank, and request withdrawals that the group can approve.

Open source communities

- Webapp to show GitHub contribution rankings using AraCred and allowing people to make decisions on the project's roadmap by voting with their tokens.


- A copy of Pokémol — A place for people to browse Moloch DAO’s, viewing members of a DAO, view balances, vote on proposals, and more. *Augmented with 3Box integration and threads for every proposal. See the working repo here: Pokegon.

That’s all for now, we can’t wait to see what you build !

👩🏽‍💻 Start Hacking on Github

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