Extensions, Criteria, and Final Submission

The end of Hack for Freedom approaches, are you prepared for the final push ?

First off, we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions, to July 27th 🏁 we’ve seen such compelling activity happening in the Discord server and we wanted to make sure that all of you Freedom Hackers have enough time to get your projects submitted for review!

Judging Criteria

Below are the metric by which the panel of judges will be evaluating each and every submission received by July 27th:

User Experience:

- Does your project consider the end-user?
- How many steps is it to on-board a user?
- Is the process clear for the average user?
- Have you started doing user testing? What is the feedback you’re getting?
- Could you give this to an average user, without anyone standing by hand-holding?


- How many other competing projects have been launched in the last 3 months?
- What is novel about what you’re proposing with this submission?
- Is your project iterative or a novel/disruptive one?


- How does this change a user's day-to-day life?
- What's the impact to the wider ecosystem?
- What superpower (capabilities, unique insights) do people have with your project that they didn't have before?

Early Adoption:

- Is this useful to people right now ?
- Are people already lining up to use it ?
- 6 months from now, what kind of user growth do you expect ?

All valid submissions will also be eligible for following special prize categories:

🥇Most Creative DAO

🥇Best User Experience

🥇Most Impactful: Social Cause

Final Submission

For a submission to be considered valid you must have a completed version of this document 🎬 Submission Template 🎬 entered by July 27th Midnight UTC.

You must make your completed entry to the Final Submission Bounty found on the Gitcoin explorer page 🤖

Submit Now

Best of luck to all the teams working diligently on their submissions, if you’re just catching up with this event, read post #1 for the available bounties then head over to Discord to find #ideas, #teammates, and answers to all your #connect questions.

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